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Twentysomething, transplant to Chicago, 2nd-year-ish elementary special education low-incidence teacher in Chicago Public Schools. These posts and reblogs (often queued) are thoughts about the special education teacher and person I am growing to be.

Hints of wellness and social justice throughout (and considering my own female/cis/New Yorker/Chicago transplant/Asian/bilingual/2nd-gen American/low-income background/well-educated/ intersections of identity through my posts). misseducation23[at]gmail[dot]com

    Packing for NYC now- pretty much done packing but I am excited for tomorrow!!

    Also trying to get as muchhhh grad school work out of the way so I don’t have to deal with it in NYC- soooo excited!!!

    <3 <3 <3 you Chicago but <3 <3 <3 being home in Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC more. Chicago and NYC are just different from one another, but NYC will always edge out because it’s where I grew up and where the heart is. Excited for people, good food, good places, walking in Chinatown and to Soho for no reason, for seeing people I know on the street randomly, for less segregation than Chicago, for my parents (who I will surely get sick of shortly, but that’s okay), talking to my brothers for hours on end and playing Settlers of Catan and other board games like there’s no tomorrow, to chilling at Battery Park for fireworks July 4th (I missed it last year), to seeing my girlfriends who’ve been my girlfriends for forever and having mimosas for brunch just because we can now that we’re >21, to seeing exes, seeing old-ass friends who moved away a year ago and are coming back, to making perverted jokes with good friends, to catching up with old friends, to smelling the putridly polluted air and the buildings that are not window-washed and shiny like Chicago, to eating good bahn mi and pho and soup dumplings and dim sum and having that all within walking distance of me, to eating HOME-COOKED food that’s delicious, to trying new places, to going out in NYC now that we’re beyond the young age of 21 and are twenty-something new professionals with a bit of money to spend. I am excited. Anddd it’s summertime and I’m single, baby. =)

    Sorry, I haven’t been home since January 2nd. I am truly excited to see everyone I love in one place. <3

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