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Twentysomething, transplant to Chicago, 2nd-year-ish elementary special education low-incidence teacher in Chicago Public Schools. These posts and reblogs (often queued) are thoughts about the special education teacher and person I am growing to be.

Hints of wellness and social justice throughout (and considering my own female/cis/New Yorker/Chicago transplant/Asian/bilingual/2nd-gen American/low-income background/well-educated/ intersections of identity through my posts). misseducation23[at]gmail[dot]com



    The main issue with the lack of news coverage and/or empathy regarding the Wisconsin shooting stems from this: it happened to a bunch of people no one can relate to- moreover, people of a skin color we view as non-traditional Americans… how long will it take the American population to realize “we,” and I coin “we”  to mean persons of any ethnic skin color/creed/religion other than the accepted norm, are ACTUALLY a part of this country???? That we didn’t swim over here across the Atlantic a few years ago.. that we are majority born-and-raised Americans and in fact, are probably your doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.. and without our contributions, American society at large would indefinitely deteriorate.  We’re not relatable, they say? Well it’s time that we come to a point in  our American diaspora archive that we look at all hate crimes (whether it be against Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Christian, Sikhs, Martians, Leprechauns, etc) as a concern for ALL of humanity… and not just for the single group solely affected. 

    This video captures my exact sentiments above: The Truth with Hasan Minhaj - Sikh Temple Shooting, Missouri Mosque Burning (by goatfacecomedy)

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