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Twentysomething, transplant to Chicago, 2nd-year-ish elementary special education low-incidence teacher in Chicago Public Schools. These posts and reblogs (often queued) are thoughts about the special education teacher and person I am growing to be.

Hints of wellness and social justice throughout (and considering my own female/cis/New Yorker/Chicago transplant/Asian/bilingual/2nd-gen American/low-income background/well-educated/ intersections of identity through my posts). misseducation23[at]gmail[dot]com


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    When students are already behind in class (from suspensions no less in today’s case), their parents decide that they’re going on vacation and missing all of the next week of school, and I have to pull together material that is independent work friendly while teaching them the new…

    Yes, yes, and YESSSSSS. Ahhhh!!

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      Yes, yes, and YESSSSSS. Ahhhh!!
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      There was a student where I’m student teaching who came back seven days after Spring Break was over. Then, once he got...
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